Xintong Wang, 王心童


I am a research engineer. My research interests broadly focus on the speech and singing voice, such as speech recognition, speech assessment, singing voice synthsis, and vocie conversion. I am also interested in speech synthsis.

My cv is here. If you would like to reach out to me, my email address is xintongwang9709 at gmail dot com.


B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Beijing Forestry University, 2018 - 2022

Work Experience

National University of Singapore

    Research Assistant @ School of Computing (SMC Lab), Singapore, Oct 2023 – Aug 2024


Also known as 小冰 in Chinese and りんな in Japanese

    Speech Synthsis Engineer @ Xiaoice (X·studio), Beijing, Jul 2022 – Oct 2023

    Speech Recognition Intern @ Xiaoice (AI Being BU), Beijing, May 2021 – Jul 2022


Journal Articles

  1. Xintong Wang, Chuangang Zhao, "A 2D Convolutional Gating Mechanism for Mandarin Streaming Speech Recognition," Information, 12.4 (2021): 165. PDF

Workshop Articles

  1. Xintong Wang, Chang Zeng, Jun Chen, and Chunhui Wang, "Crosssinger: A Cross-Lingual Multi-Singer High-Fidelity Singing Voice Synthesizer Trained on Monolingual Singers." 2023 IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop (ASRU) Demo PDF

Conference Articles

  1. Xintong Wang, Mingqian Shi, and Ye Wang, "Pitch-Aware RNN-T for Mandarin Chinese Mispronunciation Detection and Diagnosis," Interspeech 2024 PDF
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